white mulberry is a food to help lower blood sugar

Here at EthnoHerbalist, we are big fans of the white mulberry fruit. I, personally, have been adding this dried fruit to my morning breakfast routine just about every day. We have heard people talk about this fruit as possibly being a superfood. This begs the semantic question, ‘What qualifies a food as a superfood.’ We decided to tackle this question and analyze whether white mulberry qualifies in this recent article published at Food Matters.

Is white mulberry a superfood?

The fruit is densely packed with phytonutrients, fiber, protein and molecules that have shown to help regulate our blood/sugar levels and our cholesterol levels. Additionally, the fruit has a nice texture and makes that bowl of cereal a little more interesting.

My article makes the case that white mulberry fruit should be considered a ‘Super-Food’. The good folks at Food Matters just released the article for publication. We are thrilled that this information is now reaching a broad audience.