There’s a lot of good people in the broader medicinal plant community.

Here’s a collection of websites from our friends in all fields related to healthy living and medicinal plants.

EthnoBotany Resources

Check out Wild Weeds! They are a family-run business located in the Northern California Redwood Forest. They sell bulk fresh-dried organic and wild-crafted herbs, medicinal herbs and other related supplies.

Chaga HQ is a phenomenal online source for information, studies, recipes and news about the Chaga mushroom. These folks really understand Chaga. We have benefited greatly from reading their site. is an excellent site focusing on herbs and natural medicine.

Chinese Medicine Living is a great place to learn about Chinese Herbs and pick up some health and beauty gifts.

The Survival Gardener is a unique gardening site that focuses on empowering and educating  folks to grow their own food. We live in uncertain times. Who knows what the future may bring… But one thing is certain, the ability to generate your own food supply is certain a virtue. David’s site helps you begin that journey. David also sells an impressive collection of books and videos on plant related subjects.

Jerry Coleby-Williams is an incredibly well informed horticulturalist from the faraway land of Australia. His site is loaded with excellent resources. We especially like his photo gallery page illustrating how the plant community of Brisbane is going to shift once climate change manifests in the next couple of decades.

Healthy Living Resources

Dandelion Herbal Center offers classes and field trips for students ranging from the beginner interested in basic herbal crafting techniques to advanced students seeking to enhance their careers in complementary medicine.

Goleta Acupuncture Herb Clinic specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes acupuncture, customized Chinese herb formula, nutritional and medical consultation. Sop by and see them if you’re in central California.

Gardens With Wings is dedicated to helping you attract butterflies to your garden by showing you the nectar plants that butterflies need for food. This site also helps you properly pair up butterfly species with the proper host plant. Very cool site!

We’ll help you identify which butterflies you can attract to your garden as well as many of the common butterflies and caterpillars of North America.

If you’re interested in the history and tradition of Mediterranean food, you can learn a lot from Clifford Wright’s website. Here is a fascinating article from Clifford about the history of the artichoke.

Ryan at SupplementYouNeed will give you insight on the best fitness supplements for 2016 going into 2017. You can also find brain health supplement info pertaining to some of the best nootropic supplement stacks.

Warrior Coffee was established a few years ago in Helsinki, with the intent purpose of improving workplace coffee. They offer disposable coffee packs that combine crafted, organic coffee with coconut oil and clarified butter. Give it a try!

Do you feel like stress is weighing heavily on your body and mind? Turns out – a lot of people feel this way. Sun Horse Energy offers adaptogenic herbal formulas that help your body respond to stress, stabilize and feel your best.

Evan Brand is a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional medicine. He is the creator of  Evan offers consultations to help put you onto a path of good health.

Are you searching for inner peace? Regardless of the anger, hostility or anxiety that may dwell inside you, you can still takes steps to bring balance and serenity back to your life. Gateways to Inner Peace can help you make the positive steps towards these goals.

Whole Foods Explorer is a wonderful site managed by a chef who specializes in phyto-nutrient rich, plant based recipes. This whole foods chef also shares a very large list of healthy recipes that are heavy on the veggies.

Grow, Forage, Cook, Ferment is a wonderful site that guides you through the process of putting your own meals together, finding food in nature and keeping your diet healthy and organic.

Norm’s Farms in Pittsboro, North Carolina is a premier grower of Elderberry. This superfruit is packed with Vitamins A, B and C, iron, potassium, and the powerful antioxidants known as anthocyanins. This is a great site to find U.S. grown elderberry jam and tree cuttings.

Wild Foods will ship wild and healthy food as well as coffee and tea to your doorstep.

Adam Haritan, a Pennsylvania based naturalist, has put together three great online resources for spreading the gospel of wild foods, foraging, edible mushrooms and many other nature loving activities: Foraging Pittsburgh, Wild Foodism and Learn Your Land.

Wild Pantry specializes in wild edible food that includes wild greens, mushrooms, roots, fruits, berries, vegetables, flowers, medicinal, and useful plants of the Southeastern United States and other areas of the United States.

Edible Landscaping operates a garden center and nursery. They specialize in shrubs and trees that yield fruit, nuts and other botanical items that are good to eat. They can ship and deliver plants.

Nootropic references.

Our friends at Nootroponaut write great articles comparing various nootropic supplements. These nootropics optimize in terms of strength and cognitive enhancement.